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Conveniently located in Merritt Island, FL. Functionally Limitless Concierge Physical Therapy is a high quality, patient-centered  Physical Therapy Clinic that serves people of all functional levels. Our goal is to get you out of pain and debility and into the life you deserve. 

In pain?
Not sure what to do?
Let us help.

Low Back Pain

Lumbar pain can be absolutely debilitating and take over your life. Don't live like this! Try these stretches and exercises and let us know if they helped.

Shoulder Impingement Symptoms

Shoulder impingement symptoms range from pain w/ motion to tightness and pain at the front and top of your shoulder. These simple stretches and exercise should help. Give them a try!

Neck Pain

Weather it's sitting at a desk too long or chronically bad posture throughout the day cervical pain can seriously affect your life. Let us know if they stretches and exercises worked for you!

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis, hard to say, hard to spell and very annoying while walking. Use these easy tips and tricks!!!

What Our Patients Think...

Rachel toland

Functionally Limitless not only helped me alleviate my shoulder pain, but they helped me get down to the root of the issue. I walked out of my appointment with new knowledge about my body and stretches I can do everyday to help with the pain. About two weeks later my pain was completely gone and I’ve never felt stronger or more capable. Thanks Functionally Limitless! You provided me with the right tools to avoid the pain I was experiencing

Linda Carpenter

I always use Functionally Limitless for my Physical Therapy needs they are very professional, courteous, friendly and highly skilled. When my neck pain is at its worst, my symptoms are alleviated after 1 visit. Brandon is methodical in his design of treatment each visit and I’m always impressed with services I receive.

Sarah Mcleran

I’m 52 and I Crossfit 4-5x a week @26point2crossfit . I lift heavy and put everything I’ve got into the workouts. Unfortunately, my scoliosis causes me lower back pain, and when it got to the point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I knew I was going to need physical therapy. Around this time, Functionally Limitless began coming to our gym for PT services. I initially met with them for one hour for an initial evaluation and first session…and it was amazing. I went straight into a wod afterwards, pain free. I’m continuing with weekly 30 minute sessions where they’re not only working on my back but also my shoulders, which is helping me with my posture and workouts. I’ve been very happy with Travis and Brandon’s knowledge, skill and technique and how well they work with me and I highly recommend their services to any Crossfitter, whether its for pain relief or just for a quick tune up before a workout.

Kim Kennedy

Brandon and Travis are amazing! They treat you like family and are always a phone call away. I recently had a pinched nerve in my shoulder that was so bad it was effecting my work, and life. The range of motion I had was 35%ish. Long story short, after my first vist the pain was almost non-existent and my range of motion improved to a point I could raise my hand over my head.
Thank you!

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