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I would highly recommend Brandon and Travis with Funtionally Limitless. I was having chronic lower back pain and struggling with plantar fasciitis. I love CrossFit and running. My back pain and foot pain was limiting my activity and mobility. Not only were they able to give me strength exercises but they also worked out the tension areas which were causing the pain. They didn’t just go through a series of “routine” treatment practices. They listened to me and were able to target the source of the problem. Thanks to Brandon and Travis, I am now able to do all of the activities I love!
Amy Dimond
I had total knee replacement and unfortunately a horrible experience with P.T. at the recommended facility. I was terrified to try again but after talking to Brandon on the phone I went in. I could not have found a better place to go. Brandon is endlessly patient, listened to my issues and found a way for me to move forward. His enthusiasm, professionalism and respect is unbounded. He obviously loves what he does, is highly competent and it shows. If you need P.T. for something this is the place to go!!
Functionally Limitless exceeded my expectations! Travis and Will didn’t just give me exercises - they educated me. Understanding why you are doing something makes you much more willing and motivated to do it. The atmosphere was caring, fun, encouraging, supportive, and family oriented. I highly recommend FL!
Theresa Hadley
Brandon has done a phenomenal job with my son, who has numerous physical and developmental issues, in maintaining his strength and range of motion and in increasing his head and trunk control. Brandon and Travis have a unique understanding of his special needs, and have made a huge effort to take an “outside the box” approach to his therapy by conducting his sessions at Morgan’s Place and incorporating the multi-sensory environment into his plan of care. Young adults with disabilities that are too old for the typical pediatric therapy and too young for the typical adult therapy can certainly benefit from this unique approach to physical therapy at Functionally Limitless, especially while being seen in an environment conducive to their unique needs. Thank you Travis and Brandon for filling such an important need in our community!
Kristen Malfara
I had an injury in another state. After a recovery of 2 weeks. I had to fly home to Fl. The dr.said try to get into rehab as soon as you get home. Did not know who to choose. Called Functionally Limitless. Hung the phone up. Brandon called back said did you just call. Yes...he started talking to me. On the phone I made an appointment. Nicest young man. He cared about me. Got a visit at my home by Travis. It's pretty much history. Excellent therapists. Teach while they work with you. Will is so knowledgeable in his therapy. Clean, well maintained, and bright. I feel like they are family. My recovery takes about a year. Get to spend time with 3 young men who care. But...they know their job. Thank you for being here for me.
Gay Stier
These guys are fantastic! I had been suffering from daily pain for 5+ years in my shoulders and lower back that affected nearly everything in my work life and home life. It hurt to drive, it hurt to cook dinner, it hurt to do laundry, etc. After a few months of PT with these guys, my life is nearly pain free! I’m able to enjoy exercise again and do my job without wincing. This makes a huge difference in my quality of life. They use a combination of strengthening, stretching and massage & it has worked wonders. Plus, they’re FUN! They play music and tell jokes and generally keep things lighthearted and silly, so the hour goes by quickly and you don’t mind coming back! I can’t say enough good things about my experience!!
Elizabeth Chosa
Feeling much better than when I started. Also, a great atmosphere!
Jeanne Wilson
This physical therapy group really knows what they are doing. The service I received for my acute lower back pain was nothing short of spectacular. Brandon Davey was my therapist and before he ever worked on my back I could tell by his questions that he is genuinely interested in helping me. It was apparent that this isn't "just a job" for him. The amazing part is that after a couple of sessions along with following his stretching exercises, I feel like a new man. This guy makes miracles happen!
Bob Levit (Total Protections solutions)
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